Frequently Asked Questions


+ Q. How serious are we?
A. We like to express ourselves as a ‘fun-sim’ group or ‘casual-sim’ if we were to dissect those words:
We play with a chain of command and structure to each op, everyone playing a role to contribute to the larger unit. We understand life comes first, and though we enjoy having as many people join us as much as possible, we only ask you tell us if you will be away for an extended period. We have ranks ranging from Private to Colonel though no-one refers to each other by rank, sir or ma’am, and we dislike ‘Yes sir, No sir’ responses. We like to enjoy structured gameplay with a sense of purpose, not to emulate real life.
+ Q. What era do we play?
A. We play lots of different eras from many fictional universes, and can change from week to week.
+ Q. When do we play?
A. We have two main events per week which will give you points:
Friday Training Mission
Saturday Main Event

The exact time and details of these events can be found on our calendar here.

We may also run other events throughout the week including more relaxed funday missions (These do not give any points) as well as various Advanced Training sessions, these can all be found on the calendar above as well.
+ Q. Is there anything else that happens outside of the two ops per week?
A. We play other games throughout the week with each other as well, feel free to ask if you can join those games!

Getting Started

+ Q. Which squad do I start in?
A. You will start in Boot Camp, this is not a formal squad and does not exist in game, while in this squad you are encoraged to join each of the squads to see which play style you prefer. You can then request a transfer to that squad on the website.

When joining other squads for a mission, you should ask the squad leader on the day, if you are unsure who this is feel free to ask a member of command or training officer and they will be more than happy to help you! Command members and training officers show up at the top of the list and have the armco icon next to their name.
+ Q. Do I need to complete basic training before joining an OP?
A. Nope! You are free to join any of our events as soon as you join our unit, however we do reccomend you complete basic training as soon as possible as without it you won't be able to rank up.
+ Q. Where can I find out what events are currently planned?
A. All of our events, including the official Friday and Saturday Missions as well as other community events being ran can be located at the top of the website under the unit events tab or by going here.


+ Q. How does the points system work?
A. Each of the two point worthy weekly missions, will give you a set amount of points, typically anywhere from 20 to 50 points depending on the difficulty of the mission and other factors.
You can also get points from getting trainings.

Over Time you will accumulate points from the activities mentioned above, once you reach enough points you will be promoted to the next rank, its worth noting that at Trainee, Private, Sergeant and Staff Sergeant you will need to complete an addional training to get that rank, the point boundaries and required trainings can be found here
+ Q. What happens if I don't attend ops?
A. If you are away only for a brief time, nothing will happen, and we hope you return soon!
If you believe you will be absent for an extended period, please submit a L.O.A form found on our website (here) to notify us so we may mark you inactive.
You may find yourself transferred to overflow, or out of your selected role, if this is the case fear not, you still retain all your previous trainings and rank.
A list of our boundaries for inactivity are shown below, please note these only apply if you do not submit an LOA request:
6 Weeks: You are removed from your slot on the unit layout and moved to squad overflow, additionally you are marked as inactive on the website.
3 Months: You will require a refresher of basic and advanced trainings.
6 Months: At this point you will be removed from the unit, you will be informed 2 weeks before this happens.