Terms of Service

  1. About the service
    1. Armcoarma / 4th Battalion are an online community solely focusing around the fictional sandbox military simulation video game series, ARMA.
    2. The Armcoarma website exists as a central platform to manage all data in relation to the group and it is mandatory to have a registered account on the website to participate in group events except where command has permitted exceptions.
    3. The Armcoarma and 4th Battalion group exist as a “sub-community” of the wider Armco discord community, membership of the larger Armco community is mandatory for membership of this group.
      1. Upon membership termination from the Armco group, you may be removed from 4th Battalion without warning
    4. During the course of the use of the armco arma website the user will not use any tools to commit acts considered unlawful in any jurisdiction that the group operates
      1. This includes entering and storing data understood to be obscenely offensive
      2. Using it as a method to communicate unlawful acts
      3. Distributing unlawful material through the website
      4. Discriminatory content that violates protections established in the United Kingdom Equality Act 2010:
        1. Age
        2. disability
        3. gender reassignment
        4. marriage and civil partnership
        5. pregnancy and maternity
        6. race
        7. religion or belief
        8. sex
        9. sexual orientation
      5. Note: This is not an exhaustive list of disallowed content
    5. The armco command group, associated members and Addy as the sole Administrator of the website cannot guarantee all data is of lawful nature as users have free ability to update and submit data, however upon notification of unlawful or disallowed content it will be removed in it’s entirety and relevant users removed from the group and prevented from continued access from that point.
    6. The armco command group reserve the right to remove users at their discretion should a user be believed to be in violation of the groups rules
      1. Rules of conduct can be viewed at https://armcoarma.com/docs/rules 
      2. As part of the larger Armco community we must also follow their rules, which can be viewed in the rules channel in the Armco Discord: https://discord.gg/armco 
  2. Access Rights and Account Information
    1. Login authentication is provided via Discord OAuth 2 verification,
      1. To create and own an account you must register through discord
        1. All discord privacy policies and terms of use apply where appropriate
    2. Upon creation of your account some basic information is stored and collected as outlined in our privacy policy which can be viewed here: https://armcoarma.com/privacy-policy 
    3. To become a member of 4th Battalion you must also own and connect a steam account, this is used to collect attendance data when attending our Arma events
      1. All steam privacy policies and terms of use apply where appropriate
      2. Pre-existing members of the unit before steam integration was made mandatory may not necessarily have an account linked but still an associated SteamID64 attached to their account, this exists as an unverified account link but still valid for the purposes of attendance collection.
    4. You can optionally connect your twitch account to display on your profile
    5. You can also provide links to a youtube account or a twitter handle to be displayed on the website
    6. The user is responsible for ensuring that all data stored is up to date and accurate to the best of their knowledge, most data can be changed via the settings panel with command approval
      1. Should data not be editable there, please contact a member of the command group to rectify this
  3. Security and processing of personal data
    1. All data is stored using up to date and modern security practices
    2. No password data is stored on armco arma servers as all authentication is handled via discord
      1. To the best of our knowledge discord stores all passwords and authentication data to modern standards and is considered a reliable partner for storing and authenticating users
  4. Donations
    1. The group collects donations for both the Individual servers that we play games on as well as for the website, details can be found at https://armcoarma.com/donate 
      1. Website donations are governed by the Donation Agreement which can be found here: https://armcoarma.com/donate/policy 
  5. Service Content and Maintenance
    1. The website service should generally be available 24/7/365. However it may be unavailable for unspecified periods of time due to maintenance, installation, modifications, exessive system load, active cyber attacks or mass illegal activity and so on.
    2. We will endeavor to provide as reasonable notice as is possible of any maintenance periods to the users, typically these will be provided through official discord channels.
    3. Armcoarma is primarily not a content distribution platform and should not be treated as such, however some content sharing is available to aid in the operations of the 4th Battalion unit.
  6. Validity of terms and changes to these terms
    1. The terms of use are binding on the user from the time the user is granted access to the armcoarma service.
    2. Armcoarma reserves the right to change and modify this and all other policy as it deems necessary, the version on this link: https://armcoarma.com/terms-of-service will always be considered the most up to date version.
      1. We will endeavor to provide as reasonable notice as possible to changes to this policy, including notification through official discord channels and notification on the website itself.
  7. Liability
    1. The user utilises these services of their own free volition and is free to cease using these services at their own discretion
    2. Armcoarma and 4th Battalion do not accept liability for damages causes to the user through usage of the armcoarma website or while attending any events operated or promoted by the group.

Last Updated: 7th May 2024