Meet the squads


Alpha is the Mobile Infantry squad of ARMCO, fulfilling the role of General Infantry within the unit. Their main purpose is getting into the thick of conflict by any means necessary whether it be by land, sea or air. If there’s a firefight you can bet Alpha is going to get involved, and 9 out of 10 times come out on top. Their adopted motto is "Feet first into hell and out the other side!". If you enjoy being on the ground in the thick of the fight, with commonly a more fast-paced play style then Alpha is the place for you.


Sabre is the Mechanized Infantry of the 4th Battalion, specializing in the use of IFVs. We support the other squads by providing infantry and light fire support wherever is needed as fast as possible, engaging in standard infantry combat from time to time as well when needed. If you fancy the idea of being a more supportive infantry unit, or providing that extra kick to an assault, then Sabre is the place for you.


Zulu is the Force Recon squad of the 4th Battalion, specializing in long range recon and fire support, stealth and enemy asset denial. Our primary role is ground infantry recon, approaching objectives ahead of the other squads to provide intelligence and positions on any and all threats that the unit will be facing, before assisting with engagement from a distance. From time to time we are given the role of assaulting objectives alone, behind enemy lines, with very little chance of assistance from other squads and this can lead to some interesting guerrilla type warfare of hit and run tactics. If you like the idea of impersonating a bush and killing your enemies before they know you're there, Zulu is the squad for you.


Phoenix, as a whole, is a Jack-of-all-trades squad; as individuals we are masters in our fields. Phoenix' primary mission is to support other squads in completing their missions while ensuring they have the supplies they need to do so. If you enjoy running supplies or providing ranged fire support, this is the squad for you. Phoenix: your one stop shop for support and logistics.