Radio Channels and Frequencies

Squad Net 31
Team 1 31.1
Team 2 31.2
Team 3 31.3
Squad Net 36
Team 1 36.1
Team 2 36.2
Team 3 36.3
Squad Net 51
Team 1 51.1
Team 2 51.2
Squad Net 61
Team 1 61.1
Team 2 61.2
Team 3 61.3
Standard Channels
Command 72
Zeus 55
Convoy 60
Medical 82
EOD 83
Armour Support 85
Air Channel 86
Fire Support 87
How it should work
Squad Leader Squad Net + Command Net
Squad Sergeant Squad Net + Command Net
Squad Corporal Squad Net + Team Net
Team Leader Squad + Team Net
Team Member Team Net
Corpsman Medical Net + Team Net
Medic Medical Net + Team Net + Squad Net
Armour Support Armour Support Net + Team Net
Artillery/Fire Support Fire Support Net + Team Net
Air Support Air Net + Fire Support Net

Additional information on radio protocols

1: You should not be sitting on the support channels just listening in unless you are the one providing the support.

2: The Convoy channel is to be used by drivers/vehicle commanders and the command element during convoy operations.

3: The Armour Support channel is to be used to talk to the Tank/APC/Vehicle that is supporting you as infantry.

4: The Air and Fire Support Channels are to call in Artillery and Air Support to a location not for idle chatting

5: If you need a CAS run call 86

6: Or if you need an artilery strike run call 87

7: ANYTHING Medical related goes on 82, this includes MAS CAS (it should be up to the medical staff to pass it to TL/SL for 72)

8: IF you need a RE-INSERT or Transportation by Air call them on 86

9: While in the Combat zone leave idle chatter off: Vehicle Intercoms, SQD, COMMAND Channels, Support Channels, and 72

10: Banter and idle chatter is up to TL and SL discreation and they will designate a channel for it and/or if it is ok.

11: If you cannot reach anyone via radio and you are with your SL or TL, you can remind them to use C-Tab to keep in contact.

12: If you have any questions please talk to the Command.