Unit Rules

The following document outlines core rules of this ARMCO Arma 3 unit. These rules are always in effect for all ARMCO Arma 3 OP’s, regardless of who is running the OP or what the OP is about.

1. Don't be a dick #

a. The general server rule. Nearly all other rules are derived from this golden rule, and you should be able to avoid breaking it if you use common sense.

b. Verbal abuse is one of the most common reasons why someone might break this rule. Joking is fine, but be aware that not everyone will take a joke the same way.

2. Follow the rules of the parent discord #

a. As part of ARMCO, we are subject to all the rules of the ARMCO discord. Their rules must be followed in OP’s, in the 4th Battalion Arma 3 discord, and in any official 4th battalion sub-discord.

b. Building off of the previous statement, if you leave or are removed from the parent ARMCO discord for any reason, you will be removed from this unit, 4th Battalion Arma 3 discord, and in any official 4th battalion sub-discord.

3. No team-killing #

a. Don’t kill or injure members of your own team for no reason, whether they be players or AI. I shouldn’t have to explain this one further.

b. Sole exceptions are in self-defense, to fix an Arma issue, or if they give you permission to do so for testing purposes.

4. No griefing #

a. Don’t steal or blow-up any assets for no reason, especially not while on-base. That just wastes everyone’s time while the Zeus has to fix what you broke.

b. Knocking out players for any reason except an emergency circumstance where the Zeus cannot be contacted is also considered a form of griefing.

c. Intentionally interfering with the activities of other people on the training server outside of normal OP’s is also a form of griefing.

5. Don’t steal enemy equipment for no reason #

a. Don’t take enemy uniforms, weapons, or other equipment just because it’s shiny and new. Take it only if it’s something you need and you have permission to take, such as medical supplies, ammo, or launchers.

b. Primary exception to this is in an emergency situation, such as when both your primary and secondary jam/run out of ammo just as an enemy’s turning the corner, but there’s an AK at your feet.

c. Vehicles are often another common exception, but be aware of IFF issues that taking an enemy vehicle may cause. Also, don’t take things you don’t know how to use.

6. Do not attempt to pull rank on people #

a. Rank only matters between people in the same roles. Pulling rank is not a thing we do and quite frankly, it’s a giant middle finger to the person in charge.

7. Do not manually respawn #

a. Do not manually respawn unless you have permission from a Zeus or a medical personnel to do so. Respawning is there so you can continue playing after you die, it’s not a pocket teleporter.

b. Generally, permission to manually respawn by a Zeus will only be granted if you realistically cannot be revived or are completely isolated from both friendly and enemy forces.

c. A Squad Medic or a Corpsman and another medical-certified individual can tell a person to manually respawn if they realistically cannot be saved.

8. Save criticism until mission debrief #

a. If you have any complaints, critics, or suggestions about the mission, please save them till mission debrief. Complaining about stuff in-mission not only makes you look like a negative nancy, but the Zeus probably isn’t even going to hear you.

b. Loadout errors or questions about the mission itself may be brought up when discovered.

c. Remember that not all criticism has to be negative.

9. Squad transfers #

a. If you would like to request a squad transfer you must first speak to the squad leader of your current squad and the squad you wish to transfer to.

b. Once you have approval go to here on the website where you will be able to find all of the slots which you can request a transfer to, select one by simply clicking on any slot with an empty name.

10. Do not lead or Zeus while intoxicated, high, or exhausted #

a. If you are intoxicated, hungover, high, or exhausted, you should not be in any form of leadership position such as Olympus, SL, or TL, nor should you be Zeusing any mission.

b. You should also not be intoxicated, hungover, high, or exhausted in any sort of medical role.

11. Do not stream-snipe the Zeus #

a. If you are in or plan to be in a mission, under no circumstances are you allowed to watch the stream of any of the mission Zeuses. Anyone caught doing so will be issued an automatic strike.

b. Stream-sniping of other players in the same context is currently discouraged, but Command is still debating our exact stance on this matter. These rules will be updated once a decision has been reached.